Why Now is the Time to Start Your Deck Project

by | Mar 6, 2017 | Decking Maryland, TimberTech Decking, Trex Decking

earthwoodevolutions1During the months of February and March when there is snow and ice on the ground, starting an outdoor project like a new deck may be the furthest from your mind. But if you’ve ever gone through the home improvement project process, you know that this is the best time to get started if you want to enjoy your new deck this Spring.

From start to finish, building a new deck can take up to several months, depending on several factors. Here are the steps that we at Tri County Fence & Decks generally see on projects that involve decks in Maryland.

First, there is research. You the homeowner need to do your due diligence in determining what type of decks you like, and what is allowed to build in your area. If you are a part of a homeowners’ association, they will likely have guidelines that you must follow. Additionally, many homeowners’ associations require you to submit a request to their board before any work can begin on the project. Depending on how quickly your HOA works, this process can take up to several weeks. It is also a good idea to check your county’s restrictions on exterior construction.  For example, if your property is small, you may be required by the county to have a certain setback, meaning your deck has to be a certain number of feet back from your property line.

Next, you will want to research your deck builder. Because you want a safe, well-built deck for your family, it is wise to seek a deck contractor that is licensed and insured. A good contractor will be able to show you examples of their work, and provide customer testimonials. Once you have a contractor in mind, invite them out to survey the proposed deck location, and provide helpful information on the right style, product and proper construction.

Once the products to be installed and your contractor have been chosen, the scheduling process begins. In many cases, product must be ordered from a supply house, or from the manufacturer. Your contractor should be able to tell you how long the product is expected to take. After that is determined, your contractor can put you into their schedule. Each contractor and their workload is different, however a schedule of some type should be established at this point.

It is important to note that peak season for installing decks is in the Spring. If you choose to wait until Spring arrives to begin this process, you should not expect a completed deck until Summer or perhaps even Fall.

Depending on the complexity of the deck to be installed, permits and inspections, deck construction can take anywhere from one to several weeks to complete. Good communication between you and your contractor will help keep the project on track.

So if you’re dreaming of enjoying a new deck this summer – get going! If your home is in Maryland in Howard County, Montgomery County, or Frederick County, give Tri County Fence & Decks a call. Our Maryland deck experts are here to help!