If you are thinking of adding or replacing a fence in your yard and want a wide range of options to choose from, consider vinyl fencing options in Maryland from Shoreline Vinyl Fencing. Shoreline has an extensive line of vinyl fencing – from decorative 2-rail vinyl fences to beautiful privacy fences, we have them all. Vinyl fencing comes in a wide range of colors to blend beautifully with your home.

Privacy Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl Privacy FencingOne of the most popular reasons for adding a fence to your yard is privacy. Many Maryland neighborhoods have homes situated in close proximity. Having neighbors close by can be a wonderful thing – kids are near and social gatherings are plenty. But there are times when you want to sit back and enjoy your backyard in private. Vinyl privacy fencing ranges from simple to decorative, and comes in several color choices.

Semi Private Vinyl Fencing

Semi Private Vinyl FencingWhen you want some privacy, but are still interested in being able to see what’s happening beyond your yard, semi private fencing is an excellent option. Often homeowner choose to combine private and semi private fencing, doing private fencing along the back of the yard, and semi private along the sides. Semi private vinyl fencing comes in several heights and colors, and a variety of styles.

Picket Fencing

Vinyl Picket FenceIf you’re looking to add security to your yard along with style, picket fencing is a beautiful option. Picket vinyl fencing comes in many styles and combinations from the simple to the ornate.

Picket fencing is a nice option for homeowners who are not concerned about privacy, but instead want to keep their yard safe for pets and children. Picket fencing is also often used along front yards to add an element of style. Picket fencing also provides a nice visual backdrop for flower gardens.

Two-Tone Vinyl Fencing

Two-tone FencingWhen you are looking for fencing that is not your typical white vinyl, two-tone vinyl fencing is a nice option. Mixing white posts and rails with grey, beige or brown pickets or slats can help tie your fencing in with the rest of your home. Two-tone fencing is often used on privacy fences due to the fact that when done in all white, privacy fences – particularly tall ones – can seem a bit overwhelming to some. Softening the fence with a second more neutral tone provides a unique look that better blends with its surroundings.

Want to See More Vinyl Fencing Options?

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