The Best Time to Schedule Pool Fencing

by | Mar 7, 2016 | Fencing Maryland, Maryland Home Improvements, Metal Fencing, Pool Fencing, Vinyl Fencing, Wood Fencing

So you’re building a pool – that is awesome! If this is a new process for you, we have some tips on the best time to schedule pool fencing.

The construction process for in-ground pools can be tricky. Weather, coordinating contractors’ schedules and county permitting all play a role in keeping construction on schedule. Below is an outline of a typical pool construction process that can help you with planning.


The first step is to determine what type of pool you want. There are a wide variety of types to choose from, and the construction process will vary depending on what you choose. Some choose concrete pools, others choose vinyl lined. Then there is determining the style you want. A local pool company can help you figure out the best pool style and type. They will also help in the design process. Some companies will have you choose from the designs they offer, or will present you with a custom rendering. Throughout the process, they will present options for:

  • Pool interior – for vinyl lined pools, you will have a choice of vinyl lining styles. For concrete pools you may have a choice of color coatings.
  • Pool tile – for plaster/concrete pools, there will be a line of tile below the coping, and often there will be additional tile inlays on landings and steps.
  • Pool coping – around the outer edge of the pool between the pool and pool deck, there will be a line of tile or stone.
  • Pool decking – around the pool a pool deck will be built. Options include concrete, stamped concrete, tile or stone.
  • Pool landscaping – between the pool deck and the pool fence will be some type of landscaping. To keep pool debris at a minimum, stone is often chosen.
  • Pool Fence Locking GatePool fencing – in Maryland, it is illegal to build a pool without a fence for security. Pool fencing in Maryland has a minimum height of 4 feet, and must include locking gates. Two of the most popular fences for pools are metal fences and privacy fences. Those that want to take advantage of nice views or the ability to see things like children playing in the yard beyond the pool choose metal fencing, which offer relatively unobstructed views. Those with close neighbors often choose privacy fencing.


From the time you choose your pool company to the time you’re swimming, you can expect a minimum of 8-10 weeks for in-ground pools. Most pool companies will need to work you into their construction schedule. The best time to begin pool construction is during the later winter months (February/March). You can expect delays during construction during winter and spring months due to weather, however if you do not begin construction then, you will most likely not be swimming until the following year.

Coordinating contractors is tricky in the pool business. Most pool companies do not employ all of the contractors required to build a pool. Instead they coordinate sub-contractors, who are often utilized by more than one pool company. A typical construction process goes as follows:

Permitting – Your pool company will need to obtain permits from the county where the construction will occur before any construction can begin. Plans are submitted, and the county will review those plans along with your home’s plat to determine if the pool’s placement is clear of all underground utilities.

Pool Mapping – Before digging begins, the crews will create an outline of your pool based on the design drawings.

Pool Construction - DiggingThe Big Dig – Crews will large equipment will arrive to dig the hole so the fun stuff can begin. Be aware that this large equipment will most certainly tear up your existing lawn! While the pool company should do its best to smooth things out when done, most often you will need to do some work to get your yard back to its pre-pool beauty.

Pool Piping and Electric – Before the pool lining work can begin, the pool’s underground systems must be put in place. Pipes for drainage and filtering, along with electric work for pool lights and systems are laid.

Pool Construction - InteriorPool Interior Work – After the under pool systems are in place and cleared by the county, the crew can work on the interior. Different processes are used for vinyl lined and plaster/concrete. For vinyl the ground is prepped and the vinyl lining is laid in and stretched. For plaster/concrete, rebar is built inside the pool and concrete is either poured or blown into place. Then for concrete pools, tile is laid.

Coping and Decking – Once the pool’s interior is complete, it is time to lay the coping and the pool deck. Although the coping and decking can be done after the pool fence is installed, it is easier for the crews to access the pool prior to the fence being installed.

Pool Fence Construction in MarylandPool Fencing – Finally it is time for the pool fencing to be installed! Pool fencing and landscaping are the final parts of the construction process, which means your pool is almost ready for summer fun! It is important to note that you cannot receive final permit approvals from the county until the fence is installed and inspected, so you will want to be sure to have that scheduled in advance. We recommend contacting your fence installer at the BEGINNING of your pool project for several reasons. First, contractors’ schedules can fill up quickly. The last thing you want to do is delay your pool’s opening because you didn’t call soon enough to get scheduled. Second, as with other portions of construction, fences require permitting. In order to obtain permits in a timely manner, the specs of the fence must be drawn up and submitted for approval prior to installation. You want to allow adequate time for your fence contractor to meet with you to determine the style fence you want and what area it will cover so that plans can be drawn up. And lastly, you want to allow enough time for your fence product to arrive. While fence contractors stock certain types of fencing, others will need to be ordered from the manufacturer.

Another important item to note in the pool fence process is to be sure and keep your fence contractor up to date on your pool construction schedule. Because there are often delays in the pool construction schedule, your fence contractor will need to be made aware so that they can keep you in their schedule.

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