Rural Maryland Farm Fencing

by | Jan 17, 2014 | Farm Fencing Maryland, Fencing Maryland, Vinyl Fencing, Wood Fencing

Maryland has a unique and rich mix of bustling urban areas and widespread rural areas. With a location in rural Montgomery County, Tri County Fence & Decks gets many requests for farm fencing and horse fencing, including wood fencing and vinyl fencing. Below are some of benefits of both.

Wood Farm Fencing

estate-5-board-with-picket-fenceWood fencing for farms has been a standard for generations. Offering a traditional look and made from high quality pressure-treated wood, this type of fencing for farms is durable and beautiful. Many farm owners choose to paint their farm fencing white, particularly for horse farms. Others leave the wood in its natural state to better blend with the surroundings.

Vinyl Farm Fencing

Choosing vinyl fencing for your Maryland farm or rural property offers the benefit of being maintenance-free for life. Vinyl fencing does not require painting, and maintains its look through even the most harsh conditions. While vinyl fencing comes with a higher price tag than wood fencing, the long-lasting benefits are worth it to many farm owners.

About Tri County Fence & Decks’ Farm Fencing Experience

Tri County Fence & Decks is located in rural Montgomery County, Maryland in Clarksburg. By virtue of being in close proximity to many rural properties and farms, we are fortunate to have built a reputation in the area for providing high quality farm fencing. Additionally, owners at Tri County Fence & Decks reside on a horse farm, and are intimately familiar with the unique needs of farm property owners.

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