Privacy Please! How Privacy Fencing in Maryland Can Offer Peace

by | Jul 23, 2014 | Fencing Maryland, Privacy Fencing, Vinyl Fencing, Wood Fencing

Privacy Fencing in MDIf you’re a homeowner living in a townhouse or in a neighborhood where the homes are in close proximity, you may often feel like you’re living in a fish bowl. Social or not, many of us want to create spaces in our homes that offer peace, tranquility and privacy. For your living room or bedroom, you have blinds and curtains. But what about your back yard? While sharing a yard with neighbors might be perfect for some, others wish to fashion a space just for them. Whether it’s private family time, sunbathing, relaxing in a hammock, gardening or just lounging with a good book, privacy fencing can provide that peaceful, serene space.

Today’s privacy fencing options are vast and include both wood and vinyl fencing products. Wood privacy fencing is likely the most economic option, however there is regular maintenance involved in keeping that fence looking and performing its best. Vinyl privacy fencing will cost more initially, but its low maintenance value may outweigh the cost difference — it all depends on your budget and willingness to put in the time for upkeep.

Shoreline Vinyl Privacy Fencing in MDChoosing Your Fencing Style

Different styles are available for both wood and vinyl privacy fencing, such as picket or scalloped tops. Vinyl offers the most options, including varied or mixed colors, and a wide variety of design styles. If your home is in a close neighborhood or townhome development, you’ll want to check with your Homeowners Assocation (HOA) before installing your new privacy fence. Chances are they will have pre-approved styles, or will require an application before beginning your fencing project.

Tri County Fence & Decks installs privacy fencing in Maryland throughout Howard County, Montgomery County, Frederick County and the surrounding areas. We are an authorized Shoreline Vinyl dealer, and are experts in installing both vinyl and wood privacy fencing. We are also adept at working with you to meet HOA requirements, and we will handle any building permits required by the county.

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