How Reviews Affect Business

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200396956-001Over the past decade, the business world has seen great change. No change has been more profound than the internet. Once considered a luxury, internet access is now as commonplace as having a telephone. In fact, life without access to the internet seems nearly impossible to fathom!

Consumer Behavior

In the business world – particularly service-based business like fencing and decking installation – business owners rely heavily on word-of-mouth to grow. Maintaining a good reputation takes hard work, but pays off immensely. Family, friends and neighbors often discuss home projects and provide their good — and bad — experiences with contractors and service providers. Companies that work to keep customers satisfied will reap the rewards of good old fashioned word-of-mouth referrals.

Taking It to the Web

As consumers, we have recognized that our best experiences come from taking advice from others who have also had positive experiences. It makes sense, then, that with our reliance on the internet, we would find a way to marry the two. Enter reviews.

Online reviews, made most popular by retailers like, have fast become the way in which consumers make purchasing decisions large and small. Websites focused on review-based marketing such as Angie’s List and Google are now a prime source of business for home contractors.

Give Reviews Careful Thought

Local businesses in particular can be affected positively or negatively by online reviews. As a consumer, you have the power to help or to hurt these businesses by posting a review. Before you take to the web to compliment or complain, it is wise to give it careful thought. If you were satisfied with a recent service or product and can write a review, the company will no doubt be pleased. However, if your experience was less than stellar, before you set out to do damage with a negative review, try resolving your issues with the company first. In most cases, businesses want you to be satisfied and will work hard to make it happen.

Review Us

If you would like to review Tri County Fence & Decks for work that we have recently performed, here are some links that will help.

Take Our Survey – Tri County strives to do the very best fence installation and deck installations in Maryland. After each job is complete, we encourage our customers to complete a Customer Satisfaction Survey. To access this survey, visit

Angie’s List – As one of the premier websites for consumers to find home improvement services, Angie’s List has become an important part of local contractors’ businesses. To view Tri County Fence & Decks on Angie’s List, visit:

Read Unbiased Consumer Reviews Online at


Yelp – Yelp is an online directory that also feature reviews. Unlike other sites that feature all reviews, Yelp has their own way of featuring reviews. Yelp determines which reviews are most relevant, based on the Yelp reviewer’s level of activity on the site. In other words, if a Yelp user tends to use Yelp a lot, Yelp thinks they’re more relevant than those who only use Yelp occasionally. To review us on Yelp, visit:

Google – Google is the #1 website for search. When searching for a business, you may notice the company name appear along with a map on the right hand side of the Google page. This is a businesses Google Business Page, and contains a link to review the business. To review us on Google, visit:,2