If you live in beautiful Montgomery County, Maryland and are fortunate enough to own a home, there are a few things you should know if you are considering having a fence installed.

Those that live in neighborhoods governed by a homeowners association (HOA), need to check with them before choosing what fence to install. Many HOA’s have restrictions on materials and heights.

The Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services also have restrictions. When you hire a licensed fence contractor in Montgomery County, they will be very familiar with these restrictions. According to their website, “A permit is required to install any type of fence in Montgomery County. Replacement of an existing fence (originally installed with a fence permit)  with the same kind of fence (in the same location at the same height), does not require a fence permit. If an existing fence was not installed with a fence permit, the replacement fence must have a fence permit.”

There are also height restrictions in Montgomery County. The maximum height of a fence in your area is 6′ 6″ EXCEPT if your property is located on a corner lot in a residential zone. Then, the maximum height is 3 feet above curb level, and a distance of 15 feet from the intersection. If your property is in such a location, a sight distance study may be required. For other restrictions, visit the FAQ section of the Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services website here: https://www.montgomerycountymd.gov/DPS/Process/rci/residential-fence.html

Fence contractors in Montgomery County MD such as Tri County Fence & Decks, make it their priority to ensure that your fencing is properly permitted, and meets the requirements of the permitting office and your HOA. When you’re ready for your new fence, contact the professionals at Tri County Fence & Decks.