Our Fencing and Deck Products

Aluminum, Vinyl and Composite Fencing & Railing Products

When you’re looking high quality fencing and deck products, including aluminum fencing, vinyl fencing and composite fencing that lasts, consider the innovative fencing products from Tri County Fence & Decks. Tri County Fence & Decks is a leader in Maryland fence installation, and brings you all of the latest fence products available. We are an authorized Shoreline Vinyl Fence installer. Shoreline offers high quality metal and vinyl fencing products. Click here to see our Shoreline Fencing gallery.

Fencing and railing products come in a wide variety of colors and styles. Whether you’re considering fencing for a residence or a business, you’ll want to see the options available. Contact us for more information and samples of the wide variety of fencing products available.

Traditional Fencing Products

Wood fencing is a popular choice for Maryland homes. Whether you are looking for split rail fencing, decorative wood fencing, or privacy wood fencing, Tri County Fence & Decks has installed them all. Our wood fencing experts can discuss your particular fencing needs, and suggest the wood fencing option that meets your style and budget. Click here for more information on wood fencing in Maryland.

Trex Decking

Trex is the composite deck innovator. As one of the first major manufacturers of composite decking products, Trex offers time-testing composite deck options for your Maryland home.

Trex decking comes in a wide variety of colors and styles that can be mixed and matched for a one-of-a-kind deck. Want to see what Trex deck color is right for you? Visit our composite decking page by clicking here.

Unlike traditional wood decking, composite decking offers increased flexibility – quite literally! Composite decking can be curved and shaped, allowing deck design to be anything but simply square.

Trex is also a sustainable, green alternative to wood decking. Made from recycled plastic, Trex decking makes amazing use of disgarded materials. In fact, each year Trex takes 1.5 billion pounds of plastic bags and uses them to make their incredible composite decking and railing products.

Click here for more information on MD composite decks from Trex.

TimberTech Decks

TimberTech decking is also a top name in composite decking products. TimberTech decking comes in a wide range of colors and decking styles. Mix and match colors for a uniquely designed deck, or opt for a more traditional style – the choice is yours.

Homeowners Barb & Jack describe how their Trex deck allows them to enjoy the outdoor space in their home on a marsh in this TimberTech decking video.

Tri County Fence & Decks will show you TimberTech deck colors and styles, and help design a deck for your Maryland home that meets all of your needs.

Click here for more information on composite decks in MD from TimberTech.

Traditional Wood Decks

Traditional wood decks are still a popular choice among homeowners. Wood decking offers the flexibility to stain or paint your new deck any color or colors you would like, and change the color later if you so choose.

Wood decks also cost less than composite decking. They do require annual maintenance, but with the right care, your new wood deck will last for years to come.Click here for more information on traditional wood decks in MD.